Dental Implants 101

There are three functioning parts of a dental implant: a titanium screw structure, an abutment, and the crown.

The doctor begins by placing a titanium screw structure into the jawbone to function as a tooth root. Titanium is a safe, decay-resistant material that melds naturally with the human bone through a process called osseointegration.

The next piece is the abutment, which connects and provides a place for the crown to sit.

The last component of a dental implant is the crown, which attaches to the abutment. The finished product looks and functions just like a real tooth.

A Dental Implant Procedure: The Healthier Alternative

Patients agree that a dental implant procedure is a healthy, reliable, and comfortable alternative to wearing traditional dental bridges and dentures. Typical replacement options have a 30 percent failure rate, can be aggravating to wear, and may even carry health risks. Bridges only work when anchored between two existing teeth, which have to be ground down first. This loss of tooth enamel makes them more vulnerable to decay and damage. Dentures come with issues as well, as they may slip and make noise. Since dentures and bridges function on or near the gum tissues, they both lead to possible bone loss in the jaw.

Patients who choose a dental implant procedure are typically thrilled with the results. Supported by medical research, dental implants are natural looking, dependable, and can last for decades with proper oral hygiene. Implants stay put and work just the way real teeth do, which includes stimulating the jawbone every day to help keep it healthy. Even patients with low bone density can have a dental implant procedure, although bone grafting is usually necessary. Overall, a dental implant is just a smart way to replace missing teeth.

Dental implants are easy to maintain with regular dental checkups and twice daily flossing and brushing. Learn more about dental implants on our website.

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