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Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you have a chipped, decaying, discolored or damaged tooth? If you suffer from any of these symptoms a dental crown may be the right treatment solution for you.  Cosmetic options for our patients are our top priority and our specialty. Visit an office that provides you with all the tools and treatment options to make the best decision possible. Journey to North Texas Dental Surgery in Grapevine today!

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Dental Crown Procedure

A dental crown is a porcelain covering for the entire tooth surface. Dental crowns are a permanent long lasting solution to protect and preserve the tooth structure. To begin treatment we will first eliminate any compromised tooth structure such as decay or a previous filling, ensuring a strong base for the dental crown. Next, an impression will be taken of your tooth to send to the lab to have a custom dental crown fabricated. While your crown is being made a temporary one will be placed to protect your tooth during this duration. At your last treatment date we will remove your temporary crown and permanently cement your final crown on. We will always ensure the color, shape and size is impeccable. You can now leave with a strong and durable natural looking tooth.

Dental Crown Grapevine

Dental Crown Care 

Caring for your dental crown has never been simpler. As you would care for your natural teeth is how you would care for your dental crown or crowns. Simply floss, brush twice a day and see your dental specialist for annual cleanings to ensure proper oral hygiene. You have the freedom to eat as you please with no hassles. If dental crowns are properly taken care of they can last up to 15 years! Come visit one of our specialists today for your complimentary consultation and 3D scan. Experience state of the art facilities with affordable prices. Why not take the first steps to a new smile today?