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North Texas Dental Surgery - Plano Office

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Services Offered: ALL-ON-4 , Dental implants, Implant dentures, Wisdom teeth removal, Laser gum surgery, Gum grafting

If you feel mouth pain and discomfort from your wisdom teeth or perhaps looking into a dental cosmetic procedure, a smile overhaul, your first thought may be to visit a general dentist in Plano. The dentist may be able to diagnose your condition, but you are better off booking an appointment with a board-certified oral surgeon that delivers the best oral surgery in Plano. If you are thinking about implants or a smile makeover, there is no better local Plano solution. 

At North Texas Dental Surgery - Plano Tx, it is our goal to make your experience in our clinic exceptional. We have a professional staff and the best dental surgery in Plano that can provide the best possible care and outcome with minimal discomfort.


We invite you to visit our dental clinic in Plano Tx to experience the excellent care that North Texas Dental Surgery has to offer.

Dental surgery is recommended and may be needed for the reasons like:

Treatment for periodontitis

With the advances in laser surgery, gum disease can now be treated with the help of Lanap laser gum surgery for better results than ever.

Dental implants

Missing teeth? Do you have that gap between your teeth that makes it awkward for you to smile? Missing teeth can also make it inconvenient when eating. That’s why our dental or oral surgeons in McKinney specialize in and recommend getting dental implants. 

Wisdom teeth

If you find yourself with impacted wisdom teeth, causing it’s too painful for you to bear. Your best option is a wisdom tooth removal or tooth extraction. 

FAQs and more regarding Wisdom Teeth Removal at Our Plano office

Gum recession

As we age, the gums can start to pull away from the teeth. As a result, small pockets form between the gums and teeth=puts a person at risk of bacteria build-up over time. Gum recession can be treated by gum grafting performed by our expertly trained board-certified dental surgeons.

Implant Dentures & All-on-4

Ready for a smile makeover? If you are missing several teeth, have a significant amount of decay and other dental struggles, it might be time to wipe the slate clean with your perfect smile.  Implant dentures and all-on-4 may be the answer and we provide special savings and options for those in the Plano area.

Have other questions? Simply click or call for a free appointment with our dental surgeon. Schedule a consultation and explore solutions to your gum, teeth, and smile struggles. 

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