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Cosmetic Veneer

Dental Veneers Plano
Cosmetic Veneers Plano

Cosmetic dentistry is the dentistry of esthetic improvement. Veneers allow you to customize the perfect teeth for you. Veneers are naturally looking covers cemented to your teeth. Veneers look, feel and function like normal teeth.

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Veneer Process 

The first step in the process is the consultation. This is when our prosthodontist will evaluate not only your specific needs but will do a visual exam of your facial structure. This is very important to ensure the veneers are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Our office will also tailor a digital smile design specifically to you. This entails a photographic profile that will create a mock outcome for the patient. The intraoral mock-up serves as confirmation and visual demonstration of the final veneer restoration outcome for the patient to approve or make changes to. 

Dental Veneer Plano

Before the temporary veneer can be placed on the patient’s tooth the enamel or outside covering of the tooth must be reduced. After the reduction then the temporary veneer can be attached, and at this point the patient can once again make any changes necessary. The final adjustments will be sent to the lab to make the final veneer. The last visit the doctor will remove your temporary veneers and permanently cement the final veneers to your teeth. You will now have your ideal set of teeth. 

Cosmetic Specialists 

Our staff of specialist prosthodontist are here to help you. We offer third party financing, affordable cash prices and we are in network with a majority PPO insurance dental plans. Why not take the first steps to your perfect smile? Come visit us in Plano, Texas today!

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