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Teeth Cleaning

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Traditional dental cleanings are used to remove excess tartar that can not be removed by manual at-home cleanings. An abundance of bacteria is natural in the mouth, we clean our mouths daily by brushing and flossing to keep these germs at a safe level. Then we use traditional dental office cleanings twice a year to remove the calculus buildup to maintain oral hygiene health. Here at North Texas Dental Surgery, we offer traditional dental cleanings with a complimentary consultation and 3D scans. Our staff is equipped with the knowledge on how to properly clean without removing dental implants, crowns, and veneers. Visit one of our many locations today to ensure your mouth is spick and span!


Deep Cleaning Teeth 

Deep cleaning is a treatment that is performed for patients suffering from mild periodontitis. Scaling and root planing (commonly known as SRP) is one of these methods. This involves the dentist numbing the area and performing a custom deep cleaning of the teeth. The specialist will pay close attention to the areas uncovered due to receding gums. This stops the build-up of plaque and tartar, and a proper dental hygiene routine it can allow for the regeneration of the gum tissue. Our office of specialists is here to help you regain your beautiful smile today!


Denture Cleaning

Here at North Texas Dental Surgery, our Prosthodontist has years of experience in indentures. Ensuring proper hygiene health is imperative for any type of denture you have whether that is a traditional denture, a snap-on denture, or an implant denture. Our office has the capability to remove any type of denture to clean them and correctly put them back on. If you need your dentures cleaned, visit one of our many locations today!


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