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Do you have pain in the back of your mouth caused by your wisdom teeth or know that you need to get them removed at some point anyways? Are you wondering what this is and why do I have it?  When your wisdom teeth begin to push through the gum line or push against adjacent teeth this is when they become symptomatic and noticeable. Wisdom teeth can cause headaches, pain or pressure, irritated gums, difficulty opening your mouth wide, and even infection.

Do I need to get my Wisdom Teeth removed?

Getting your wisdom teeth removed is important for multiple reasons. For example, your orthodontic treatment can be affected by not removing your wisdom teeth. When your wisdom teeth begin to grow in, they cause crowding of your straight teeth and cause your teeth to become crooked. But when’s a good time to remove your wisdom teeth?  The younger you are the softer your bone is and the less your roots are developed so the easier it is to remove your wisdom teeth without complications. For example, think of your bone as cement and as you get older the firmer it gets. Would you rather pull a pole out of wet cement or dry cement? This is the same when it comes to extracting your wisdom teeth when you are older.  Many adults experience issues with their wisdom teeth at some point in their life so it’s best to take them out when you’re younger.

Wisdom Teeth Complications

Although complications from wisdom teeth extractions can be rare, they still can occur and be very problematic.  This is why it is important to see a board-certified specialist to extract your wisdom teeth. If you have impacted wisdom teeth there is sometimes potential for further complications such as nerve damage. Nerve damage can lead to paresthesia or numbness of the nerve, leaving a tingly or numb sensation all along the side of your jaw. Other complications associated with wisdom teeth removal are swelling, bruising, dry socket, and infection. A dry socket is when a blood clot is not formed and exposes dry bone leaving the area in extreme pain. Following post-operative instructions is very important to avoid these complications. Untreated dental infections can cause severe complications if the bacteria were to spread to your brain or throat as well as hindering your recovery process.

Wisdom Teeth Testimonials

“Highly recommend this location for wisdom tooth extractions. The doctor did a great job with the procedure and as well as made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. The staff is very sweet and attentive. They made sure to go over everything I needed to know about recovery. I really appreciated the staff reviewing my health plan to see what would be best for my scenario. She was so genuine and made it easier for me to trust this company. Very satisfied about my decisions with coming here.”

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“Very clean and contemporary office. State-of-the-art equipment. Highly competent surgeon. Dr. Choi performed two molar extractions where the tooth was broken down by my gumline. He had both molars extracted in under 10 minutes. Highly recommend.”

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“Wonderful experience!! I work in customer service so I really appreciate great customer service more than ever and North Texas dental surgery most definitely gives that, From my initial call to make my appointment all the way to the wheelchair ride to the car after my wisdom tooth extraction. The customer service was great, everyone was nice and friendly and Dr. Choi was awesome!!!”

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Wisdom Teeth Recovery

Wisdom teeth removal surgery is most comfortably performed under IV sedation however can be performed under oral sedation or only local anesthetic. Wisdom teeth removal surgery should not be painful at all as long as it is performed by a surgical specialist. However, minor pain may be experienced after treatment is complete. Post-surgical pain usually comes from swelling in the jaw and near the extraction site.  Icing helps alleviate this pain. Wisdom teeth recovery is different for each case depending on age and level of impaction. Therefore following your post-operative instructions is very important to ensure a speedy recovery. Steroids and medication are very pertinent to prevent post-operative infections, control swelling, and pain.

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