Wisdom Teeth Swelling

Wisdom Teeth Removal Swelling

Have you had your wisdom teeth out and are wondering whether you’re swelling a normal amount?  Are you about to have your wisdom teeth out and wondering how much swelling you may get?  I’m here to answer these questions for you.


Swelling after wisdom teeth removal


The #1 determinant of how much swelling you will have after your wisdom teeth removal is determined by how impacted your wisdom teeth are.  The more impacted your wisdom teeth, the more swelling you will experience after your wisdom teeth removal.  The reason is that more impacted wisdom teeth require a larger incision in your gums and require more bone removal.  The more invasive the wisdom teeth removal process is, the more swelling you will have.


How much swelling is normal?


Everybody’s swelling is different.  Swelling can peak on the 3rd of 4th day after your surgery.  However, some people may swell the most the day after the surgery, while others swell the most 4 days after their surgery.  If you experience a lot of swelling, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything went wrong.  Again, people’s bodies react differently to the same type of procedure.  


Is there a way to minimize the swelling?


My first piece of advice to minimize swelling is go to a surgical specialist to get your wisdom teeth removed.  The shorter the procedure and the more surgically precise the surgeon, the less trauma your body will receive from the wisdom teeth removal.  As with anything in life, the more specialized the doctor is, the better result and healing you can expect


Another important factor to minimize swelling after wisdom teeth removal is to make sure you follow your after wisdom teeth removal care instructions.  The more you pay attention to these instructions, the better your healing should be and you could also minimize any chance of any infections and complications that would contribute to swelling.  


Also, there is an anti-inflammatory medication called methylprednisolone (commonly referred to as a medrol dose pack) that can be prescribed to patients to help minimize swelling from the procedure.  The medication gives you the best result when you start using the medication approximately 24 hours before the procedure.  Make sure to follow these tips to have the best overall results from your surgery.

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