Wisdom Teeth Symptoms

Are Your Wisdom Teeth Coming In?

Are you wondering if your wisdom teeth are coming in because you may be feeling some pain or some pressure in the back of your jaws?  If so, you’re not alone. We will answer some of the most common signs of wisdom teeth coming in and what to do about it.


When do wisdom teeth come in?

Your wisdom teeth start developing as young as the age of 10.  However, they’re embedded in the jaw and do not start to erupt into your mouth until at least the age of 13.  The age range varies significantly though as people sometimes have wisdom teeth start to grow in as late as their mid twenties.


Wisdom teeth growing in

When your wisdom teeth are growing in, it can cause certain symptoms such as irritated gums in the back of your jaws and pressure building up in the back of your jaws.  If you’re wondering “can wisdom teeth cause headaches?”, the answer is yes. Wisdom teeth can cause headaches and migraines in many patients at different points in their lives.   Those are pretty much all the symptoms that you may feel. However, if your gums become infected, you will start to experience a lot of other symptoms that are typical when your wisdom teeth are coming in.

These other symptoms include difficulty opening your jaws, possible swelling in your jaws, and a bad taste coming from pus and infection.


Impacted wisdom teeth symptoms

In summary, signs that you have wisdom teeth that need to come out include:

  1.  Pressure and pain coming from the back of your jaws
  2. Irritated gums coming from the back of  your jaws
  3. Difficulty opening your jaws
  4. Possible swelling in your jaws from infection
  5. A bad taste coming from pus and infection around your wisdom teeth.  

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