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Has your eating became more difficult and now you may often find yourself avoiding foods you like because they are now too hard to eat. This can mentally affect people, and can often cause self-esteem issues on multiple different levels.

If either of these things sound like something you can relate to, we are happy to tell you there is an easy and painless solution to your problems: implant dentures.

Dentures have been around for decades now, and progress has been made consistently since they were first introduced. Many people who have never had dentures before probably think of them as the antiquated, scary looking teeth left in a glass of water on the bedside table. They are traditionally synonymous with all kinds of unpleasant issues, are stereotypically hard to maintain, and are also hard to keep in place.

With traditional dentures, some of that is still true. However, dental technology has moved way past that, and implant dentures solve most (if not all) of the problems that traditional dentures have caused.

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Three Types of Dentures

Type 1 - Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are the original kind of dentures, and while they once performed a vital function for which there was no alternative – these days they are becoming largely obsolete.


Traditional Dentures have a tendency to fall out randomly, and majority of people complain of having to try and hold them in place with their cheeks or tongue. Which also means you might experience the embarrassment of foods will becoming harder to eat. This due to the shifting or tilting of the dentures because the paste or glue may be hard to get the denture to stay completely secure. 

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Type 2 - Snap-on Dentures

Once all nonviable teeth have been removed, then several implants are placed directly into the upper and lower jaw bones. More often than not, there are 2 implants in the lower jaw bone, and 4 in the upper jaw bone.

When complete, these implants will directly and securely attach to the bottom of a set of dentures. This bonds the denture to the jaw bone with surprising efficiency. Compared to traditional dentures the difference is incredible. You will be able to eat most things without worrying about your dentures moving around.

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They have been designed to be cleaned outside of your mouth. You will need to remove them nightly and sanitize them before attaching them in the morning.

Snap-on dentures are several times better than normal dentures. They have literally transformed the lives of countless thousands of people who were suffering with traditional dentures. Most foods can be reliably eaten with snap-on dentures, they are secure enough for almost anything.

All in all, snap-on dentures are an excellent choice for people who would otherwise have to choose regular dentures. They take away many of the issues that are commonly found, and they look and feel great.

Type 3 - All on 4 Dentures

In a very similar fashion to snap-on dentures, several implants will be placed into your mouth using a screw (on average this works out to be 4 or 6 implants in each jaw bone).

A custom temporary denture is attached to the implants while waiting for your body to heal. After the healing process is complete a permanent final denture will be screwed into the implants.  The dentures that are attached can be removed, but only by your dentist.

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The increased number of implants allows the force of your bite to be transferred evenly across the implants into your jaw bone. They will not slip or slide or wobble at all, and they will feel exactly like a normal set of real teeth. In fact, this is the best way to think about implant dentures.

This also means that unlike snap-on dentures, you do not need to remove them at night to clean them. You will have to head down to the store and buy yourself a new toothbrush and toothpaste – because you will be brushing your teeth as per normal again.


Can you remember back to the days when you had a full set of healthy happy teeth? Remember when you did not have to give a second thought to how difficult something was going to be to eat? Well with implant dentures, those days are going to come back immediately. You will never have to worry about it again. Candy apples, corn on the cob, popcorn, nuts, apples, steak and much, much more are suddenly back on the menu. The entire culinary world will be your unobstructed oyster once more.

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Implant dentures look so good, it’s often impossible to tell that they are not your real teeth, even under close inspection. They are premium products, and as such when you get implant dentures – you get a premium experience. Each individual tooth is carefully crafted to look identical to a real one. The shape, the contours, the indentations, everything looks 100% real. The colors are incredible too.

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Dental implants are at the cutting edge of dental technology. They are one of the most advanced and complex procedures that a dentist can perform. Ensuring you choose the right surgeon is as important as brushing your teeth. Our staff  of board certified specialists have extensive experience in placing dental implants quickly, comfortably, and with as little pain as possible. 

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Frequently asked questions & additional information

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and the answer is no – implant dentures do not decay. They have been specifically designed and manufactured from materials that will last anyone a lifetime. However, this being said, just because they do not decay does not mean you can maintain a substandard oral hygiene routine. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

Your gums are vital to the success of your dentures, and they need to be regularly cared for just like normal teeth. Alongside this, regular check-ups with your dentist are required to ensure they are still in perfect condition, and that they are still holding strong within the jaw/gums.

The vast majority of implant dentures work flawlessly, a success rate of between 90% and 95% is often spoken about within the dental industry. However, that does leave a slim (but real) chance that your dentures may fail. This is strongly correlated with your oral hygiene routine and overall health. If you look after them, they will last.

This is probably the second most common question people have about implant dentures. After learning the facts about the procedure, it becomes immediately obvious that it’s a complex and serious undertaking that is reasonably invasive.

During the procedure we talked about earlier, there is no pain whatsoever. You will be under IV conscious sedation. Despite how “scary” the procedure might sound, it’s reasonably simple for a skilled dentist.

However, having implant dentures fitted is a big procedure, and after the procedure, some discomfort is inevitable for the first 3 to 5 days. It is usually manageable and subsidies reasonably quickly. Specifically, you can expect to experience some minor bruising, swelling and minor bleeding of the skin and gums. You may also have a little discomfort in the cheeks and under the eyes.

It is highly recommended that mild pain medicine like Ibuprofen are utilized during this period. Additionally, applying regular ice packs to the cheeks will help with the swelling. Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water will aid the healing process and should be done regularly.

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