Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

How Much Is Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Have you wondered “how much does it cost to remove wisdom teeth?”  Well it really consists of many different factors that I will go over in this article.  The most important factors are whether you have insurance or not, is your dental surgeon in network or out of network with your insurance, how impacted your wisdom teeth are, and where you live.  


Do you have dental insurance or not?

This is probably THE biggest factor.  If your dental surgeon is in network with your dental insurance company, you will have a cheaper fee.  However, there are many surgeons who are out of network with your insurance company. This means your fee may be significantly more expensive.  When your surgeon is an out of network provider, although they technically accept your insurance, they do not let the insurance dictate the fees so your overall cost of the procedure will be significantly more expensive.   The problem is that we can’t give you an exact figure on what your copay would typically be. Your dental insurance is more of a benefits plan than a true insurance plan so your insurance has an annual cap. Not only that but different dental insurances have different costs associated with the same procedure.  One dental insurance may say you have to pay $200 for a copay to get your wisdom teeth out, while another insurance may say you have to pay over $800. Who your dental insurance carrier is makes up a very large part when asking how much wisdom teeth removal cost?


Are your wisdom teeth impacted or not?

How impacted your wisdom teeth are is also a large factor in determining the cost of your wisdom teeth extractions.  Completely bony extractions, which are teeth that are completely embedded in your jaws, are the most costly teeth to remove due to the amount of work the surgeon needs to do to remove the teeth.  These require more invasive procedures such as cutting the gum and removing bone, along with cutting the tooth to extract the teeth. Partial bony extractions are a little cheaper than complete bony extractions because they require a little less work involved with extracting the tooth.  Soft tissue impactions are even more affordable as they typically don’t require as much of an invasive procedure to extract the teeth. And finally surgical extractions are the most affordable of wisdom teeth extraction classifications.  


Average cost of wisdom teeth removal

Ok so you may be asking, what’s the bottom line.  What is my wisdom teeth removal price?

There is a very large range.  If you have dental insurance, it can be as cheap as $200.  If you have no insurance and you pay full price at some providers, it can cost over $3500.  Yes, this is a huge range. There are so many questions to ask. How impacted are your wisdom teeth?  Which insurance carrier do you have? What city do you live in? Is the surgeon in network or an out of network provider?


Final tips

There are many people who will remove wisdom teeth.  Try to find a surgical specialist such as an oral surgeon or a periodontist as they’re trained in a surgical residency and are more experienced in dealing with complications.  Here are also some questions to ask to get the cheapest price.

  1.  Are you in network with my insurance?
  2. How impacted are my wisdom teeth?
  3. If you don’t have dental insurance, you can ask if you can get a discount.


Here at North Texas Dental Surgery, we accept all major PPO insurances.  If you don’t have insurance, don’t worry, we also give 20% discounts if you don’t have insurance.  Good luck with your wisdom teeth removal procedure.

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