Wisdom Teeth Recovery

Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery

Have you ever wondered how long it takes for wisdom teeth to heal before you go back to school or work? Well we’re here to tell you your wisdom teeth removal recovery timeI like to tell patients that unfortunately there is no simple answer. Everybody’s wisdom teeth are different and the way the teeth are impacted or not have a significant impact on the invasiveness of the surgical procedure. The only way you could get a realistic idea of what your personal wisdom teeth removal healing will be like is to get a consultation with a wisdom teeth specialist so they can go over your 3D scan and give you a better idea of what your healing would be like.


Factors for recovery

But what are the factors that a surgeon looks at when considering the difficulty and recovery of your wisdom teeth? There are several factors that we take into account when determining recovery time and the number one factor is age. If you’re a teenager you’re going to heal the best. The younger you are, the better and quicker your body typically heals after surgical procedures. Another reason why it’s better to get your wisdom teeth out at an earlier age is that your jaw bone is softer and has move give, which allows the surgeon to remove less bone and result in a less invasive procedure and quicker recovery.

The second factor is the level of impaction. There’s different levels of impaction which affects the difficulty and invasiveness of removing the wisdom teeth. There are certain cases that are definitely not as impacted as others. These patients can have a much quicker recovery time such as a day or two. However, if your wisdom teeth are impacted, are they coming in at such an angle that there’s going to be more bone removal? Are there going to be more cuts in the tooth? Will your surgeon need to reflect your tissues more extensively? So these are different questions that we definitely have to take into consideration to really give you an idea of what your healing period would be.

I can tell you my personal story when I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 18 years old because they were not coming in very impacted, I was able to go and play basketball the next day. However that’s not going to be your standard case. So again, we have to analyze your 3D scan to give you a good idea of how long your healing period would be.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Tips

One last thing I would like to discuss is that if you do want a quicker recovery period, we can prescribe you anti-inflammatory steroids. Steroids can really help reduce the amount of overall swelling and pain that’s coming after your wisdom teeth extractions. If you desire these steroids, you want to start them 24 hours before your procedure. You still may swell after the procedure, but it does significantly help. So if we do foresee a more difficult case, we definitely recommend that a patient start a regimen of steroids about 24 hours before their procedure.

If you have any questions about that and your healing periods, I honestly recommend that you go see your surgical specialist and get a 3D Scan. Come in for your complimentary consultation here at North Texas Dental Surgery in Plano and McKinney and we’ll go over any questions that you may have about your wisdom teeth removal recovery timeline.


In summary, factors that affect recovery from wisdom teeth removal:

  • Age – younger bodies heal quicker and dental structure is less rigid
  • Impaction – the more impacted the wisdom teeth are, the longer recovery
  • Anti-inflammatory steroids can lead to a quicker recovery if taken prior to the procedure.
  • Your doctor should be able to give you an idea of what recovery would look like for your specific case.

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