Oral Cancer and Dental Health

Oral Cancer and Dental Health Have you been recently diagnosed or in remission from head or neck cancer treatment? Cancer treatment specifically in the head or the neck area can have a severe impact on your oral health. Unfortunately, cancer treatment usually entails radiation therapy and that can result in the destruction or reduced function ... Read more

All on 4 in Mexico or Abroad

All on 4 in Mexico or Abroad The lure of getting an All on 4 surgical procedure done in another country may seem very appealing. You may be drawn to this course due to finances or vacationing at the same time as treatment. However, besides cost, there may be some risks. Choosing a location to ... Read more

All on 4 Final Prosthesis Timeline

Unaware by most patients, the prosthetic timeline is one of the most important aspects to ensure your denture fits properly. Healing is the major factor affecting when you get your final denture. Getting your final denture before the healing is complete can cause various complications.    All on 4 - Prosthetic Timeline  Surgery: The first ... Read more

All on 4 Complications

All on 4 Failure Are you considering an All on 4 Implant Denture? Wondering what are the possible complications that could occur from an All on 4 procedure? Let our Board Certified Surgeon of over 10 years, inform you today. Although rare, an All on 4 surgery can have complications when not properly performed. These ... Read more

Root Canal Treatment

What is a Root Canal? Have you been told you need a root canal by your dentist? If you need a root canal, most likely you cracked a tooth, have a deep cavity, or failed filling. A common symptom patients experience when needing a root canal is, sensitivity, particularly to hot and cold sensations. The ... Read more

All on 4 Implant Denture Recovery

All on 4 Recovery After the All on 4 procedure, following the post-operative instructions is very important to ensure a successful recovery. Recovery is contingent on many factors, how many teeth were extracted, if bone grafting was performed, how many implants were placed, your bone density, etc. For example, older females tend to have more ... Read more

All on 4 Denture Implant Prosthesis Material

What is an All on 4 Implant Denture made out of? The material an All on 4 prosthesis is made out of is a very important factor to keep in mind. Prosthetic material will vary depending on the timeline of treatment and the treating doctor. A majority of doctors will advise a temporary acrylic prosthesis ... Read more

All on 4 Denture Implant Cleaning

Correct hygiene care of the All on 4 dental prosthesis is important to ensure the longevity of the dental implants. In the first couple weeks following your surgical procedure, saltwater rinses are necessary for proper oral care. At-home cleanings will be different depending on the type of material the prosthesis is made out of. In-office ... Read more

Zirconia Implants

Zirconia or Ceramic Dental Implants Are you looking for a holistic or nonmetal approach to your missing tooth? Zirconia dental implants are revolutionizing the way we place dental implants. Traditionally dental implants are a titanium screw that is drilled into the missing tooth socket. However, a zirconia dental implant is a ceramic nonmental screw. Both ... Read more

Nausea After Sedation

Are you feeling nauseous or feel like vomiting after sedation? Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting (PONV) is a very common side effect. This side effect can occur hours or even a couple of days after surgery. Nausea can be triggered by motion, fasting, post-operative medication, or the type of drugs used during sedation. To help with ... Read more