Oral Cancer and Dental Health

Oral Cancer and Dental Health Have you been recently diagnosed or in remission from head or neck cancer treatment? Cancer treatment specifically in the head or the neck area can have a severe impact on your oral health. Unfortunately, cancer treatment usually entails radiation therapy and that can result in the destruction or reduced function ... Read more

Root Canal Treatment

What is a Root Canal? Have you been told you need a root canal by your dentist? If you need a root canal, most likely you cracked a tooth, have a deep cavity, or failed filling. A common symptom patients experience when needing a root canal is, sensitivity, particularly to hot and cold sensations. The ... Read more

Zirconia Implants

Zirconia or Ceramic Dental Implants Are you looking for a holistic or nonmetal approach to your missing tooth? Zirconia/Ceramic dental implants are revolutionizing the way we place dental implants. Traditionally dental implants are titanium screws drilled into the missing tooth socket. However, a zirconia dental implant is a ceramic nonmental screw. Both options will give ... Read more

Nausea After Sedation

Are you feeling nauseous or feel like vomiting after sedation? Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting (PONV) is a very common side effect. This side effect can occur hours or even a couple of days after surgery. Nausea can be triggered by motion, fasting, post-operative medication, or the type of drugs used during sedation. To help with ... Read more

Jaw Pain after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Are you experiencing jaw pain or tightness after your wisdom teeth removal surgery? Jaw tightness, discomfort, or pain is not uncommon after impacted wisdom teeth extractions. Impacted wisdom teeth are wisdom teeth embedded in your jawbone. Depending on your age or level of impaction, these factors can affect how hard it will be for the ... Read more

Dental Medication Instructions

PRESCRIPTIONS Please follow all instructions pertaining to your visit at North Texas Dental Surgery.   Medication MAX. per 24 hours Instructions/ Notes ☐ Amoxicillin/Clindamycin 500mg 250mg 100mg   3x/day 3x/day 3x/day This medication shouldn’t be taken if allergic to penicillin or related medications. It could also interfere with female birth control. Take all prescribed tabs ... Read more

Gum Grafting Post Operative Instructions

Tissue Graft Recovery Instructions Tissue grafting is very susceptible to excessive movement.  It is very important to follow these post-operative instructions carefully to ensure you have the best result.   DIET: DO NOT PULL ON THE LIPS OR CHEEKS WHERE THE GRAFTS WERE DONE BECAUSE THIS COULD COMPROMISE THE GRAFT.   It is best to avoid ... Read more

Dental Implant Uncover Recovery Instructions

Implant Uncover Post Operative Instructions BLEEDING: Small amounts of blood in the saliva can make your saliva appear quite red. This is normal and maybe noticed the rest of the day after the procedure. No strenuous activity for 2 days.   PAIN: Some discomfort is normal after surgery. Before the anesthetic wears off, alternate between ... Read more

Wisdom Teeth Post Operative Instructions

Wisdom Teeth Recovery Instructions PROTECTION OF THE BLOOD CLOT:   Maintain gentle pressure by biting on the moistened gauze that has been placed over the surgical area.  Keep steady, firm pressure for 45 minutes.  Repeat as often as needed. Once bleeding has stopped, you may remove the gauze.  It is very important to maintain pressure immediately after the surgery ... Read more

Sinus Lift Recovery Instructions

Sinus Lift Post Operative Instructions DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, BLOW YOUR NOSE FOR THE NEXT FOUR (4) WEEKS. This may be longer if indicated. You may sniff all you like but NO BLOWING your nose and sneezing naturally. If you were prescribed an antibiotic prior to surgery, this should be continued until all the ... Read more