Sinus Lift Recovery Instructions

Sinus Lift Post Operative Instructions

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, BLOW YOUR NOSE FOR THE NEXT FOUR (4) WEEKS. This may be longer if indicated. You may sniff all you like but NO BLOWING your nose and sneezing naturally.

If you were prescribed an antibiotic prior to surgery, this should be continued until all the pills have been taken. Take your pain medications as needed. Do not consume alcoholic beverages while taking your pain medications



Do not drink with a straw or drink carbonated liquids (3 days minimum).  Liquid to a soft diet for 5-7 days after surgery. Avoid chewing anything on the side you had the sinus lift. 



Do not rinse or spit for a minimum of 72 hours or longer if possible. Saliva can be swallowed. Do not brush your teeth next to the surgical site for 48 hours or only brush in areas away from the surgical site. When swishing, BE GENTLE. Use 1 teaspoon of salt in one cup of warm water and use as a rinse to promote healing at least 2 times a day. Bite down and maintain firm pressure on the gauze pack that was placed at the end of your surgery. Do this for at least 30 mins.



Apply ice immediately to the areas where the surgery was done. Bruising and discoloration are not unusual. Crushed ice or equivalent should be placed in a plastic bag then in a washcloth and placed on the face. Apply for 10 minutes, then off for 10 minutes. This should be done on a near-continuous basis (or as much as possible) for the first 48 hours and longer if possible or if this helps reduce your pain.




The area of the graft placement will feel full and tight. This is normal. Do not stretch your lip daily to inspect the area. This can cause wound breakdown.

If you have a temporary flipper or denture to wear, do not place it until the numbness in the area is gone. When it is placed, it should not touch the gums on the surgical site. If you have any questions about the fit of your flipper or denture, do not wear it until your doctor can see you.