Wisdom Teeth Medical Denial

Medical Denial Are you looking to have your wisdom teeth removed or a dental implant-related procedure and been told you have something called medical denial? Medical denial is a lengthy process in which dental insurance companies require your medical insurance to formally deny medical coverage for your dental procedure before your dental insurance will be ... Read more

Gum Graft Bleeding

Dental Gum Graft Bleeding Do you have excessive bleeding or feel like the bleeding hasn’t stopped after a dental gum graft procedure? A normal amount of bleeding is expected after a gum graft procedure. However, the biggest concern from patients is if there is an abundant amount of bleeding and how to stop it. The ... Read more

Pointy Bone After Tooth Extraction

Bone Spur Do you feel like your dentist left a painful part of a tooth or bone sticking out from your extraction site? Another common side effect after an extraction can be caused by a small bone particle called a bone spur. A bone spur occurs when a tooth is extracted and the bone improperly ... Read more

Extraction Complications

Dental Extraction Complications Do you feel like you might have an infection after dental tooth extraction? These key issues occur typically when post-op instructions are not followed as directed, however; some of these complications can occur accidentally. After your teeth have been removed, it is imperative that food does not get trapped in the extraction ... Read more

Gum Graft Complications

Gum Grafting Complications There are many different types of complications that can occur from gum grafting.  They include: Bleeding Gum graft failure Swelling Infection    Bleeding - Bleeding is probably the most common complication that people worry about the most.  Bleeding will typically come from the roof of the mouth.  There are two different types ... Read more

Gum Graft Recovery Instructions

Gum Graft Post-Op Gum grafting is very susceptible to excessive movement.  It is very important to follow these post-operative instructions carefully to ensure you have the best result.   DIET: DO NOT PULL ON THE LIPS OR CHEEKS WHERE THE GRAFTS WERE DONE BECAUSE THIS COULD COMPROMISE THE GRAFT.   It is best to avoid looking ... Read more

Failed Gum Graft

Failed Gum Graft Of the many different different types of dental surgical procedures, gum grafts have a higher chance of failure.  However, when done with an experienced and knowledgeable periodontist, you will have the highest chance of gum graft success.  When researching a periodontist, try to find somebody who has a lot of photographic examples ... Read more

Does Gum Grafting Hurt?

Does Gum Grafting Hurt? The actual surgical procedure should not hurt at all.  Your surgeon will sedate you if necessary.  That way you can go to sleep and not remember anything about the procedure.  Also even if you’re not sedated, your surgeon will numb the area so you do not feel anything throughout the procedure.   ... Read more

Alloderm Gum Graft

Gum Graft Donor Tissue Alloderm is the name of a brand of gum graft donor tissue from a company named Biohorizons. Because it was the first company to introduce gum graft donor tissue for gum grafting purposes, many periodontists and patients have come to generalize all gum graft donor tissue and call it alloderm.  Today, ... Read more

Are snap in dentures covered by insurance?

Are snap-in dentures covered by insurance?   The first question to ask is do you have dental insurance.  If you do, that’s great news because your insurance will contribute typically anywhere from $1000 to $2000 for your treatment.  The actual insurance benefit that you have depends on what part of the procedure you will have ... Read more