Are snap in dentures covered by insurance?

Are snap-in dentures covered by insurance?


The first question to ask is do you have dental insurance.  If you do, that’s great news because your insurance will contribute typically anywhere from $1000 to $2000 for your treatment.  The actual insurance benefit that you have depends on what part of the procedure you will have covered.  Are you looking to have the teeth extractions covered?  The dental implants?  The snap-in denture?  Your specific insurance plan will dictate what portion of your overall procedure you may get coverage for.  If you do have dental insurance we would get that information from you prior to your procedure and have our insurance coordinator verify your specific benefits before your consultation. When you come in to see us, after deciding on the treatment needed, we would be able to put together a treatment plan for you and go over the financials in detail.

Keep in mind your “dental insurance” is not truly insurance where you just cover a deductible and the insurance covers the rest.  It is more of a benefits plan that helps contribute a small portion of the whole treatment.  Every insurance plan is different. 


A second important question is will you be seeking treatment from an in-network or out of network provider.  In-network provider means that the doctor you will be seeing is in a contractual agreement to provide your treatment at a set fee that your insurance provider dictates.  For example, the typical office fee for that provider maybe $2500 for a single dental implant.  However, your insurance provider will stipulate that he must place that dental implant at a set fee, i.e. $1500, of which your insurance provider may cover a significant portion of, up to your annual maximum, i.e. $1000-2000 per year.  Another important factor is that in-network providers will help you provide the necessary information for the claim to your insurance provider.

Out of network providers do not allow the insurance provider to set the fees.  In the previous example, the insurance company set the implant fee at $1500 even though the typical office fee was $2500.  Out of network providers will keep their fees at $2500.  The good news is that your insurance company will still help you cover a certain percentage of their fee, up to your annual maximum.  The bottom line is that you will end up spending more money out of pocket with an out of network provider.  Also, keep in mind most out of network providers may not help you file your paperwork for your claim.  

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