Gum Graft Bleeding

Dental Gum Graft Bleeding

Do you have excessive bleeding or feel like the bleeding hasn’t stopped after a dental gum graft procedure? A normal amount of bleeding is expected after a gum graft procedure. However, the biggest concern from patients is if there is an abundant amount of bleeding and how to stop it. The reason bleeding is very common after a gum graft is because of the rich vascularity of the palate (roof of the mouth). If an abnormal amount of bleeding does occur, the best course of action is to remain calm and to apply a damp piece of gauze to the roof of your mouth, and apply extensive pressure with your fingers on the bleeding site. If a surgical stent was given to you by your dental provider, place the gauze under your surgical stent and bite down with pressure for approximately 15 minutes. In extreme cases, another option is to have someone stand behind you and apply force with two fingers for 15 solid minutes. It is imperative to not keep taking the gauze in and out to see if the bleeding has stopped because this could disrupt the blood clot that is trying to form. The reason the surgical stent is very important is it keeps constant pressure on the area after your surgery resulting in limited bleeding and increased comfort. After this technique is applied if uncontrolled bleeding is still persistent from the roof of the mouth please contact your dental provider immediately.