Will implant dentures cure my periodontal disease

Will implant dentures cure my periodontal disease?   Our mouths are full of bacteria. That bacteria can turn into an avid infection which can result in the swollen gum tissue, bleeding, bone loss, loose teeth, and pain.  When all your teeth are removed, all the infection is cleaned out as well because the bacteria is ... Read more

Snap in denture maintenance

Snap-in denture maintenance   Your snap-in denture has a part called a locator insert that needs to be changed out periodically (every 3-6 months).  It is what they typically refer to as the male part of your snap-in denture.  Your locator inserts are made of nylon and have a tendency to wear over time.  In ... Read more

How many implants for snap in denture

How many implants for snap in denture? There are many factors to consider when deciding how many implants you will need for your implant denture.   Implant survival  Location in the mouth (upper or lower jaw)  Your quality of bone  Stability of the denture 1.Implant survival: You want to have enough implants in the jaw so ... Read more

Wisdom Teeth Swelling

Wisdom Teeth Removal Swelling Have you had your wisdom teeth out and are wondering whether you're swelling a normal amount?  Are you about to have your wisdom teeth out and wondering how much swelling you may get?  I’m here to answer these questions for you.   Swelling after wisdom teeth removal   The #1 determinant ... Read more

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

What Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth? Impacted wisdom teeth is a term referred to a situation when your wisdom teeth are not allowed to fully erupted into your mouth due to a barrier such as your gums or jawbone preventing them from fully erupting.     Types of impacted wisdom teeth  Full Bony Impactions Partial Bony Impactions ... Read more

Wisdom Teeth Removal Pain

A common question we hear is, “Will removing my wisdom teeth be a painful process”.  This question has two main parts to it, first is will the actual surgery hurt and the second part is will the aftermath in your recovery be painful.  Lets address each of these questions in two steps. Does Wisdom Teeth ... Read more

Wisdom Teeth Symptoms

Are Your Wisdom Teeth Coming In? Are you wondering if your wisdom teeth are coming in because you may be feeling some pain or some pressure in the back of your jaws?  If so, you’re not alone. We will answer some of the most common signs of wisdom teeth coming in and what to do ... Read more

What To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Foods To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal Have you wondered “what can i eat after wisdom teeth removal?” Do you need a list of soft foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal? well that question comes up quite a bit.  Let's start off with what to do immediately after your wisdom teeth removal.     Immediately ... Read more

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

How Much Is Wisdom Teeth Removal? Have you wondered “how much does it cost to remove wisdom teeth?”  Well it really consists of many different factors that I will go over in this article.  The most important factors are whether you have insurance or not, is your dental surgeon in network or out of network ... Read more