Wisdom Teeth Nerve Damage

Wisdom Teeth Removal Nerve Damage So, a patient came into my office with severe wisdom teeth pain and wanted them out.  However he told me he had seen several other dentists, who all had told him that if was to get his wisdom teeth out, he wouldn’t be able to feel his face anymore and ... Read more

Do You Have To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth? During wisdom teeth removal consultations, parents of teenagers often ask “Does my child really need their wisdom teeth removed?” My answer is an empathic “Yes”. There are several reasons that I recommend wisdom teeth removal during teenage years. Preserve any investment in orthodontic treatment The first thing I consider is that ... Read more

How Long Does Numbness Last After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Paresthesia Nerve Damage From Wisdom Teeth Have you been told by a surgical specialist that you are at risk for potential nerve damage, commonly referred to as paresthesia, as a result of your wisdom teeth removal procedure? Or have you done some research and heard that paresthesia is a potential wisdom teeth removal complication? While ... Read more

Dry Socket Wisdom Teeth

Dry Socket Wisdom Teeth Removal ​A common question that patients ask regarding the recovery from wisdom teeth removal is “what is dry socket and how can I avoid it?”. Most people have heard of dry sockets because they have friends or family members who have suffered from it. Some patients have heard horror stories about ... Read more

Wisdom Teeth Removal Complications

Wisdom Teeth Complications If you’re ready to have your wisdom teeth removed, I highly recommend learning about the potential risks and complications with the procedure. So, first and foremost, I am not discussing this because I am trying to scare anyone, but because it is important to be well informed heading into this procedure. These ... Read more

Sedation Dentistry

Wisdom Teeth Anesthesia IV Versus Oral Sedation A commonly asked question by many of our patients regarding the wisdom teeth removal procedure is whether or not they will be sedated for their procedure. During the procedure, we have to numb the patient a number of times to ensure that they will not feel any pain. ... Read more

After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftercare Appropriate post operative care after wisdom teeth removal is an integral part of having a good overall experience with the procedure. I am going to discuss some important post op instructions and answer some commonly asked questions. First of all, try not to eat or drink for a few hours after ... Read more

Wisdom Teeth Recovery

Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Have you ever wondered how long it takes for wisdom teeth to heal before you go back to school or work? Well we’re here to tell you your wisdom teeth removal recovery time.  I like to tell patients that unfortunately there is no simple answer. Everybody’s wisdom teeth are different and ... Read more