Nausea After Sedation

Are you feeling nauseous or feel like vomiting after sedation? Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting (PONV) is a very common side effect. This side effect can occur hours or even a couple of days after surgery. Nausea can be triggered by motion, fasting, post-operative medication, or the type of drugs used during sedation. To help with nausea, medication can be given during sedation to help alleviate this problem. Additional fluids can be given post-operation to help flush any nausea-causing drugs out of your system.  Medication can be taken orally at home as well until nausea passes. Proactive steps can be taken such as not waiting until you’re vomiting to take your medication but taking it as soon as you start to feel nauseous.  Taking your medication at home as prescribed with food is important to prevent any issues. If vomiting does occur sipping on water and eating crackers may help.