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Teeth Cleaning Grapevine

Dental Cleaning 

What is dental cleanings and why do I need one? Dental cleanings are very important for your overall mouth health. Naturally bacteria build up around our teeth daily and to remove this bacteria we brush and floss our teeth. This bacteria that builds up and hardens is called dental plaque or calculus, because it is so hard it can only be removed by special dental equipment. Getting dental cleanings twice a year not only removes this bacteria to ensure proper oral health conditions but is preventive for recognizing any possible dental problems occuring. Visit our office in Grapevine today to give your mouth the rejuvenation it needs to be immaculate.


Deep Dental Cleaning 

Have you been told you have gingivitis? Gingivitis is a build of bacteria around the gumline that releases toxins that can harm the health of your gum tissue causing inflammation or bleeding. A scaling and root planing or SRP is a gum therapy treatment that helps eliminate these toxins and reduce the early signs leading to severe Periodontist. Using a special tool along the gumline and underneath the gums, the bacteria will be removed and allow for proper healing of the gums to occur. Along with a proper hygiene routine your oral mouth health can improve significantly. Take the first steps to improving your dental care today!


Denture Cleaning 

Are you struggling to get your dentures squeaky clean? Here at North Texas Dental Surgery we specialize in anything denture, from traditional to all-on-4. Our office has the adequate knowledge to safely remove your prosthesis along with any bacteria or debris on your denture and then properly put your denture back on if needed. Ensuring your dentures stay clean is imperative for not only your oral health but also your overall health as well. Let our highly skilled dentist help you achieve your proper oral hygiene today!