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Are you losing teeth or hate your current smile? Implant dentures or “All-on-4” might be the option for you. Implant dentures are used for the replacement of all or just a single arch of your teeth. Let our office in Grapevine, Texas help you today. 

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All-on-4 Process

Before you get any work done, it is important that you give us a visit or contact us so that we can learn more about your dental situation and needs. Our specialists have years of experience in implant placement and restoration.

After the initial contact, you will need to be examined along with any dental or medical history you may have. This will include an X-ray and a computed tomography, or CT scan, is also necessary. This lets the dentist see where your sinuses are located, as well as the nerves so that these spots are avoided during future surgery or implant placement. Another use of CT scans is to see how much bone is available to use for implants.

A temporary denture and surgical guide is created, it is used as a guide to properly place the implants within your mouth during surgery. Holes are drilled into the temporary dentures after surgery and screwed into the Implants. 

Your temporary permanent denture may have any adjustments made during your 5 month healing period before your final denture. After you receive your final denture from our implant dentures center it is important to use proper care. For example, you can clean them as you would natural teeth and come back in every 6 months for a cleaning. 

Case #1 this patient renovated her whole mouth
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Once you get your implant dentures, you will find that they are much more stable than traditional dentures. We would love to give you a new smile that will transform your life. Give us a call today at North Texas Dental Surgery in Grapevine, Texas and we can discuss your All-on-4 options.

Case #2 this patient renewed her upper teeth
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