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Dental Cleaning

Have you been told you need a dental cleaning and don’t know why?  A dental cleaning is very imperative for your oral health. Daily cleanings such as brushing and flossing at home helps keep the level of bacteria growth in our mouth to a maintainable level. When excess bacteria starts to grow or build up it is called tartar or plaque. This bacteria becomes very hard and can only be removed by special tools. Dental cleaning twice a year helps remove this plaque that naturally forms to ensure our mouth bacteria is at a safe level and our teeth stay healthy. Visit our office in Plano, Texas today to ensure your mouth health is stupendous. 


Deep Dental Cleaning 

Have you been told you have mild periodontist? This means you have a condition in which bacteria has built up around the gums and caused inflammation or recession of the gum tissue. Mild Periodontitis can be reversed with scaling and root planing (SRP) and a proper oral hygiene routine. First the dentist will access the gumline and the tooth, now the scaling procedure can begin. This is conducted with a precision ultrasonic tool. Once the dentist is confident that all the plaque has been removed, a smoothing procedure begins. This part of the process is aimed at reducing the amount of future plaque build-up that may occur by removing rough spots. This greatly reduces the risk of future bacterial infection, provided that the patient maintains a proper dental hygiene routine. If you need help with your oral health don’t hesitate to contact our office today. 


Denture Cleaning 

Do you have dentures and are you wondering how you can give that little extra TLC to them? Visit North Texas Dental Surgery where our office is equipped with the proper knowledge and tools to handle any kind of dental prosthesis. A dental prosthesis can be any type of denture such as traditional, snap-on, or all-on-4. Our in house Prosthodontist has completed extra schooling just to specialize in the art of prosthetics. Experience a rejuvenated denture journey with our specialty office and ensure your oral hygiene health today!