Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Gummy Smile

Most patients choose esthetic crown lengthening for cosmetic reasons. In the case of your smile, one of these is the tooth to gum ratio: how much gum, compared to tooth length, is visible when you smile. Commonly called crown lengthening, this procedure involves extending the visible portion of your tooth to remove that “gummy smile”. Beyond esthetics, this procedure can provide stability for dental procedures such as crowns to treat broken or decayed teeth.

Before Surgery

Esthetic Crown Lengthening 2b
Esthetic Crown Lengthening 4b

After Surgery

Esthetic Crown Lengthening 2a
Esthetic Crown Lengthening 4a

This common procedure produces dramatic results. Patients often choose it after a lifetime of hiding their smile because they feel their teeth look unnaturally short. Additionally excess gum tissue leaves the patient susceptible to gum disease. Removing this excess tissue not only creates a more balanced, proportioned look, but it also lowers the risk of periodontal disease.

Crown Lengthening Procedure

A crown lengthening procedure takes place under local anesthetic. The periodontist will make numerous small incisions to the area’s soft tissue, separating gums from teeth to provide access to root and bone. Even when only a single tooth requires work, surrounding teeth will sometimes receive treatment as well to ensure a uniform appearance. Before closing, the dentist cleans the area with sterile water. After closing, your doctor in certain cases will apply a bandage to stop the bleeding and prevent infection. 

Gummy Smile


In the hours immediately following surgery, apply ice to minimize swelling and bruising. Follow your dentist’s hygiene instructions exactly to ensure proper oral care of both the affected teeth and the rest of your mouth. Soft diet is important for the first week to ensure the site is not disrupted. Additionally, medication may be prescribed to control pain as well as an antibiotic or mouth rinse to fight infection. Always follow your post operative instructions that will be sent home with you. 



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