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Why Invisalign? 


This innovative treatment can transform your smile without the hassle of brackets or wires. Enjoy the freedom of removing your Invisalign clear aligners at any time you please. Embarrassing braces pictures are the thing of the past. Step into the future by contacting our office in Plano, Texas today! 

Invisalign Vs Braces 

Having an uneven smile or crooked teeth can be embarrassing as it is but to throw brackets and wires in your mouth is even more daunting to most people. Invisalign removes that embarrassing phase of fixing your teeth by providing you with removable clear aligners. Since these correcting trays are removable they are more hygiene friendly as well. Similarly regular check ups to your dentist is needed to receive tighter trays or wires about every six months. Once your dental treatment is completed either by braces or invisalign a night retainer will be needed to ensure proper teeth position. 


Invisalign Doctor 

Fix your smile today at North Texas Dental Surgery. Our staff specialist prosthodontist are here to help you achieve the perfect smile with the most affordable cash prices in Texas and third party financing. Additionally we are in-network with the majority of PPO dental insurance plans. Come in today for your Complimentary Consultation, 3D CT Scan, and teeth whitening after treatment is completed. 

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