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All-on-4 Dental Implants

With the “All-on-4” option also known as fixed implant supported dentures, you don’t need an implant for every single missing tooth. Only four dental implants are needed on the top and/or bottom of your mouth to restore your smile. That’s why so many patients love the All-on-4 option. Titanium implants are fused to the bone and function as part of your mouth. Our dental implants serve as a long-lasting and strong foundation for your new teeth. Allow us to provide you a new life with a quality smile and more self-confidence. 

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Implant Supported Dentures

Your dentures can be permanently replaced with as little as four dental implants. You will experience greater overall comfort, stability and a dramatic improvement in chewing power. Your facial structure and jawbone will be preserved from further deterioration caused by a lack of teeth roots and missing teeth. This in turn will decrease wrinkles, helping you look younger. This non-removable denture option will only need to be removed by a dental professional for a routine cleaning twice a year. Also you will have the added benefit of not using denture cleaner.  You can simply just brush your teeth like normal. This All-on-4 dental implant treatment is an efficient solution that will save you time and money, while improving your oral health and overall well-being.

Why Choose All-on-4 Denture Implants?

Cheaper than conventional implants

Reduced healing time

Success rate 98%

Are permanent and can last a lifetime

Are easily cared for with daily brushing

Never need adhesives or creams

Allow you to eat anything you want

Restores your facial features

These women transformed their upper teeth
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For those who need to restore their upper and/or lower teeth, or for those who are currently wearing dentures or have failing teeth or no teeth, the All-on-4 dental implant procedure may be something you should consider. This option will improve your overall quality of life compared to traditional dentures. During your consultation we will explore the variables that can affect the cost of All-on-4 implants. We would love to discuss how we can save you time and money, reduce your healing time and give you something to smile about.

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Here at North Texas Dental Surgery Wisdom Teeth and Implant Center in Plano, Texas, we specialize in All-on-4 surgeries. We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing and family environment. Our board-certified specialist will ensure the highest quality of results in the metroplex area ensuring you leave with a dazzling new smile and overall rejuvenation in your self confidence. 

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