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Dental Implants are revolutionizing the way we deal with missing teeth. Traditionally, dentures and bridges have been used to replace missing teeth. These do the job, but they have their disadvantages. They tend to shift inside the mouth, especially while eating and speaking. Moreover, dentures need to be removed and stored separately, which can be quite troublesome. When you get a bridge, the teeth adjacent to the missing one also need to be altered. Dental Implants don’t have any of these issues, giving you a more stable and long-term option to replace your missing teeth. 

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What are Dental Implants? 

Dental Implants are posts made of titanium. During your surgery, the implant will be screwed in your bone and the site will be closed with sutures. After the surgery, there may be some swelling of the gums and minor bruising and bleeding. This is natural and is expected.  The Implants will naturally fuse with your bone within a couple of months of healing. This process is called osseointegration. Once your Implant is healed you will then have an impression taken of your mouth and your dentist will make your permanent tooth specifically crafted for your mouth. Within a couple of months you leave with a pristine tooth and transformed smile. 

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One of the leading causes of failure of dental Implants is infection. To avoid infection, you must brush and floss regularly. Annual hygiene visits for cleanings are necessary to ensure adequate oral health.  When food is stuck near the implantation area and it is not cleaned properly, it can lead to build-up and growth of bacteria which can, in turn, lead to an infection. Smoking after surgery is another cause of failure of the dental Implant. Proper oral hygiene is the key to an implant tooth for life. 

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Dental Implants are at your convenience more than ever but choosing the right office is especially important. Here at North Texas Dental Surgery our office full of specialists have years of dental experience from Dental Implants to the Restoration portion of your new tooth. This process can become overwhelming going from office to office for the surgery and the placement of your tooth. Our office is the one stop for you to get it all done here in house with the most competitive prices. Allow us to journey with you to a new smile. 

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