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Are you in need of dental Implants? Have you recently broken a tooth or have a crown that is failing? If that is the case, then you should contact our dental implant center for a consultation. Getting a dental Implant may be just the thing you need.

Our dental Implant office helps those who are looking to replace their existing teeth for new ones as an affordable, long-term solution. We have many years of experience and are here to answer any questions you may have. Speak with our experienced staff at our office near Frisco, TX and find out if dental implants are right for you.

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What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial teeth which are fused to the bone using a titanium screw. This solution for missing teeth is ideal when the patient is looking for a permanent solution that doesn’t require additional maintenance in the future. Dental Implants 98% of the time do not need to be adjusted or repaired after implant surgery. Other solutions such as fixed bridges or dentures may be prone to movement and could require painful and costly treatments.


Are dental implants Covered by Insurance?

In order to get an accurate estimate, you should come to our dental implant center for a consultation. Our competent & licensed specialists near Frisco, TX will need to examine you to make a proper determination before they can give the actual cost. Dental implants may be covered by an insurance company if the reason for the bone or tooth loss was due to ongoing health issues, a work related injury, a motor vehicle collision, or the negligence of another party. Unfortunately, under most insurance plans, the companies do not consider dental Implants as a medical procedure. The cost of dental implants may be out-of-pocket in most cases. Here at North Texas Dental Surgery we offer the most competitive cash prices in the area, if you choose to not use your insurance fee schedule. 

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Getting dental implants can have many positive benefits not only for your appearance but also for your health. Some of the benefits may include:

Improved looks and confidence. Dental implants are an excellent solution for people who may have lost a very visible tooth which cannot be hidden when they talk or smile. 

Better Speech. The tongue needs to move to different spots of the mouth when we speak. If there is a gap between the teeth, or a denture has become loose, this could cause the person to sound like they have a speech impediment. Having the tooth or teeth put back in place by a dental Implant surgeon can help with a person’s articulation of language.

They are a permanent solution. Since the implanted tooth does not move or require maintenance, you don’t have to worry about going through additional costs or procedures. The implanted teeth are also incredibly durable and should last through the patient’s lifetime.

Not being limited by foods you can eat. Dental implants are surgically attached to the bone which act as your natural teeth do. Crowns, bridges, or dentures which are seated on the teeth or gums, could have their bonds broken by chewing sticky foods or hard foods. Dental implants do not have this problem and you won’t have to worry ever again if you are able to eat something or not.

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Dental Implant Care

Dentists recommend taking care of your dental Implant the same as you would take care of your natural teeth. Make sure to brush, floss, and use mouthwash to keep the gums and surrounding tissue clean. Keep up with your dental check-ups every six months, as well to ensure proper oral health. 

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Dental Implant Specialists 

Our staff has performed this operation many times and are aware of any complicating factor which could cause a prolonged treatment. The surgeons at our facility are extremely skilled and will make sure that your experience is an exceptional one. 

Before you consider opting for a lower cost solution such as a crown, bridge, or denture, know that you will continue paying for those as they repeatedly fail over time. The cost of getting dental implants will eventually pay for itself considering all the work you will not need to have done. This also means less pain that you will have to endure as future visits to the dentist won’t involve fixing a crown or a denture that won’t stay in place.

Our dental Implant center near Frisco, TX offers a complimentary consultation for patients who are considering a dental Implant as a replacement for a lost or broken tooth. Call our office today at (214) 592-0692 and make an appointment to come in and see if getting a dental implant is the right solution for you. Our friendly staff will be able to address any questions or concerns you may have. Let us lead you to a better life and smile.

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