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Are you in need of dental implants? Have you recently broken a tooth or have a crown that is failing? If that is the case, then you should contact our dental implant center for a consultation. Getting a dental implant may be just the thing you need.

Our dental implant surgeon, Dr. Choi, helps those who are looking to implant teeth as an affordable, long-term solution. We have many years of experience and are here to answer any questions you may have. Speak with our experienced staff at our office near Frisco, TX and find out if dental implants are right for you.


What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial teeth which are fused to the jawbone using a titanium rod. This solution for missing teeth is ideal when the patient is looking for a permanent solution that doesn’t require additional maintenance in the future. Other solutions such as fixed bridges or dentures may be prone to movement and could require painful and costly treatments.


What are the Different Types of Dental Implants?

The two different types of dental implants include endosteal and subperiosteal implants.

Endosteal implants are used when the patient is looking to replace an individual tooth within different spots of the mouth. The oral surgeon performs this procedure by implanting the titanium rod directly into the jawbone and making it fuse, much like the root of a tooth would do. Afterwards, the implant teeth can be attached to the abutment of the rods.

Subperiosteal implants work by using a metal frame which comes with additional standing posts. The frame is surgically inserted around the gums where it later fuses to the jawbone. Subperiosteal dental implants may be preferred when replacing a section or a whole row of teeth together.


What is the Cost of Dental Implants? Are they affordable?

The cost of dental implants can range anywhere between $3,000 to $5,000 dollars a tooth depending on the procedure and the needs of the patient. This is very affordable considering dental implants 98% of the time do not need to be adjusted or repaired after implant. Please contact our office at (214) 592-0692 for a consultation so we can give you accurate pricing for your individual case.

Crowns bridges, and dentures may have a lower up-front cost, but they all will need to be maintained and adjusted as the years go by, increasing the cost and risk of injury to the patient. The cost to replace a crown can range anywhere from $500 dollars to $2,000 depending upon how the crown fails. Add that up every 10 years over a person’s life time and the numbers start to increase to more than the cost of the dental implant.


Getting an Estimate for Dental Implants

In order to get an accurate estimate, you should come to our dental implant center for a consultation. Our competent & licensed dental implant surgeon near Frisco, TX will need to examine you to make a proper determination before he can give a rough estimate of the actual cost. The reason is that some patients may need to go through an additional procedure which could lead to a prolonged treatment plan for the whole dental implant procedure to be successful. Any additional steps or materials used during the whole process could increase the cost, as well as the healing process.


While getting an estimate for dental implants, make sure to ask additional questions such as:

– How many years has the oral surgeon been practicing?

– About how many of these procedures has the oral surgeon performed?

– Does the estimate include bone adjustment and soft tissue treatment?

– Does the estimate include the cost of the rod and crown?

– Are there different materials which can be used which can increase or decrease the price?

– What is the crown made out of?

– About how long will the whole process take?


Are Dental Implants Covered by Insurance?

Dental implants may be covered by an insurance company if the reason for the bone or tooth loss was due to ongoing health issues, a work related injury, a motor vehicle collision, or the negligence of another party. Unfortunately, under most insurance plans, the companies do not consider dental implants as a medical procedure. The cost of dental implants may be out-of-pocket in most cases.


What are the Benefits of Having Dental Implants?

Getting dental implants can have many positive benefits not only for your appearance but also for your health.

Some of the benefits may include:

Improved looks and confidence. Dental implants are an excellent solution for people who may have lost a very visible tooth which cannot be hidden when they talk or smile. Getting a dental implant replaces that missing tooth or a full row of teeth, giving you a beautiful smile.

Better Speech. The tongue needs to move to different spots of the mouth when we speak. If there is a gap between teeth, or a denture has become loose, this could cause the person to sound like they have a speech impediment. Having the tooth or teeth put back in place by a dental implant surgeon can help with a person’s articulation of language.

They are a permanent solution. Since the implanted tooth does not move or require maintenance, you don’t have to worry about going through additional costs or procedures. The implanted teeth are also incredibly durable and should last through the patient’s lifetime.

Not being limited by foods you can eat. Dental implants are surgically attached to the bone which act as your natural teeth do. Crowns, bridges, or dentures which are seated on the teeth or gums, could have their bonds broken by chewing sticky foods or gum. Dental implants do not have this problem and you won’t have to worry ever again if you are able eat something or not.

Better Oral Health. By getting the dental implant, you are filling in a space with could cause problems in the future for your mouth. When there is a gap or a missing tooth, the mouth could shift the teeth to help cover that spot, which could cause a misalignment of your other teeth. A gap in your mouth can also lead to gum and bone deterioration if they are not taken care of.


What is the Success Rate for Dental Implants?

The success rate for patients receiving dental implants can be as high as 98%. This is why it is extremely important to find a licensed and credited dental implant dentist who has many years of experience implanting teeth. Our dental implant center near Frisco, TX has an experienced who know the possible complications that can happen along the way with getting dental implants. They will develop a treatment plan which caters to your individual case.

After all said and done, the dental implants are generally good for the rest of your life. They have a higher success rate than crowns, bridges, and dentures, which could cause additional damage to the mouth if they break or fail.


How Long Does it Take to Get Dental Implants?

The whole process can take anywhere from 4 to 10 months depending upon the treatment plan provided by the dental implant dentist. Please contact our office for a consultation where we can discuss the process time in detail with you.


What is the Procedure Like for Getting Dental Implants?

The first step is to do a full examination of the patient, review their medical history, a list of the prescriptions they are on, and any other information which may complicate the procedure. Next, the dental implant surgeon examines the jawbone to make sure the health of the bone is capable of being drilled into and supporting dental implants. If anything suspicious appears during the examination, the dentist may have to delay or stop the procedure.

After both the patient’s health and bone strength pass the examination, the surgeon will then come up with a treatment plan to match the patient’s needs to plan for a successful dental implant. The surgeon then orders a casting of the patient’s mouth to get a good mold of their bite and the shape of the surrounding gums. This helps the dental lab build a crown that will fit properly in the patient’s mouth which can later be attached to the titanium rod.

Afterwards, the dental implant surgeon begins the procedure to fuse the rod into the jawbone. The surgeon starts by drilling down into the jaw bone and then inserts the titanium rod by twisting the threads of the rod into the bone. It will take months for the titanium rod to heal into the jawbone where it finally becomes fused within the structure of the mouth. The surgeon may take this time to make any adjustments to the gumline or the bone before attaching the crown to the abutment of the titanium rod.

The final step is to shape or shave down any excess material which could prevent the patient from making a solid bite. Once this is done, the patient can go on with their daily routines without needing to go through any new treatments.


How Long is the Recovery Period for Dental Implants

It may take several weeks later to finalize the healing process, but the procedure at this point is done. Each patient may go through an additional month or two for the healing process to be completed. The surgeon may make slight adjustments to the crown so that it fits properly but the titanium rod should be completely fused to the jaw and there shouldn’t be any more serious medical procedures needed.


How to Take Care of Your Dental Implants

Dentists recommend taking care of your dental implant the same as you would take care of your natural teeth. Make sure to brush, floss, and use mouth wash to keep the gums and surrounding tissue clean and free of debris. Keep up with your dental check-ups every six months, as well.


How Long Will the Dental Implants Last

The newly implanted tooth should last for the rest of your life if there isn’t a serious or catastrophic accident. Most implants are made of materials which are unbreakable.


Things to Consider Before Getting a Dental Implant

Going through any medical procedure has a number of risk factors and complications that come with any operation. Getting dental implants can be one of the safest procedures performed as long as it is done by a trained and experienced dental implant surgeon. Before you commit to getting your dental implants done, you should speak with our staff at our dental implant center.

Our staff has performed this operation many times and are aware of any complicating factor which could cause a prolonged treatment. The surgeon at our facility, Dr. Choi, is extremely skilled and will make sure that your experience at our office is a pleasant one.

Before you consider opting for a lower cost solution such as a crown, bridge, or denture, know that you will continue paying for those as they repeatedly fail over time. The cost of getting dental implants will eventually pay for itself considering all the work you will not need to have done. This also means less pain that you will have to endure as future visits to the dentist won’t involve fixing a crown or a denture that won’t stay in place.

Another thing to consider is that dental implants may be the best choice for those who have dentures. Dental implants offer the option to securely root a fixed denture to the abutment of the implant in the jawbone. This means that the fixed denture will not slide or move around while talking. Call and ask about our all-on-4 solution to replace an arch of missing or failing teeth.


Contact Our Dental Implant Center Near Frisco, TX for a Consultation

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