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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Veneers Plano
Dental Veneers Plano

Are you unhappy with your smile? Don’t like the color or shape of your teeth? Dental Veneers may be the option for you. A veneer is the most brilliant cosmetic improvement you can make to your teeth. Veneers can improve the color, shape, size or spacing in your teeth. Why not give your smile a makeover today?  

Cosmetic Dentistry

What is a Dental Veneer?        

A Dental Veneer is a replacement cap for the tooth. Veneers can be permanently cemented directly over the teeth after a small amount of the enamel is reduced. A consultation will take place first to ensure you are an ideal candidate and your concerns are heard. Once we have your perfect teeth in mind we will construct you temporary veneers and see you for a second appointment. This second appointment is when we reduce the amount of enamel on your teeth and then place your temporary veneers on. At this point you can customize any changes you feel necessary to ensure your veneers are absolutely perfect. We will then send your alterations to the lab. Once your final veneers are done being constructed you will come back for your last appointment to get your final veneers permanently cemented on. You will now have the perfect smile.

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Dental Veneer Specialist

Choosing where to get your dental treatment completed can seem like a stressful task. Here at North Texas Dental Surgery we try to make your process as easy as possible. From our complimentary consultations including your 3D scan to your transparent and concise treatment plan options. We strive to offer you the best tools to complete your treatment, this is why we have third party financing options, affordable cash prices and we are in network with a majority of dental PPO plans. Our specialist prosthodontist will always give you the highest quality dental care in our state of the art facilities and ensure you leave our office smiling bigger than when you arrived. Why not come visit one of our many convenient locations? Come see how our office can transform your smile today!