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Denture Implants
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Are you looking for a solution for your smile that will last a lifetime? Dental Implants are permanent solutions for missing teeth and can help you save time and money. All-on-4 and Snap-on Dentures are dental implant-supported solutions that allow you to enjoy life without worrying about esthetics or function. So why not get the smile you’ve always wanted?

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Spend Endless Money on Dental Treatment or Consider Dental Implant Treatment With All on 4 or Snap On Dentures

Have you been going to your dentist for years and been getting what seems like an endless amount of new root canals, crowns, deep cleanings, and now been told you need even more work?  Are you wondering how this is possible when you’ve been going to the dentist all these years and doing what they’ve been telling you to do?  Full-mouth dental implants such as All on 4 or Snap on Dentures may be the best option for you.

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“I’m in my late 50s and found myself in poor dental health…which was also impacting my overall health. I didn’t trust dentists, however, I saw one of Dr. Choi’s videos and decided to trust his word amd professional opinion. This was the best decision I ever made about my dental health care. Dr. Choi and his staff are honest and truly one-of-kind professionals that use the latest technology, as well as always finding a way to brighten your day. Their positive energy is well-balanced with their utmost care for their patients. I happily drive 4 hours one-way for my appointments knowing that they have certainly earned my total trust for my dental health care needs. As for me, being treated by Dr. Choi and his staff has been a great life-changing experience! I thank God for this blessing.”

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“I just began this journey with Dr Choi. I flew in from Florida to have my All on 4 dental implants placed. I went to many consults in Florida and Texas. No one compared to the North Texas Dental Surgery staff. All my dental anxiety went away with how nice, fun, and nonjudgmental they were. I was astonished by the professionalism and ease of the whole process. I couldn’t be happier with my results. If you are debating your decision, don’t. Go with Dr Choi at North Texas Dental Surgery for your All on 4 denture implants and you wont regret it .”

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“I just had all on four implants done by Dr. Choi and cannot say enough good about him and his whole staff. He spent as much time as I needed with him and didn’t hurry thru. He was concerned about my comfort and happiness with the final outcome. Everyone in the office was so kind and inviting. The Assistant worked with me at each appointment and was very knowledgeable and fun! I have had so many compliments on my new smile! I would highly recommend Dr. Choi. They are a class act. Thank you Dr. Choi!.”

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Board Certified Team of Specialists

Meet the most qualified team of Denture Specialists.

Dr. Daniel Choi, Board Certified Periodontist, has placed over 1,000 dental implants over his 12+ career span. He will ensure your surgery is the safest and your dental implants integrate successfully. 

Dr. Jeddidah Wooldridge, a Prosthodontist, has restored over 800+ all on 4 dentures in his 10+ year career. He will ensure that your teeth are the most esthetically pleasing and as highly functional as possible. 

Dr. Manhvu Nguyen, DDS and Denture Specialist, will ensure your surgery goes smoothly from start to finish. He will guarantee that your implants will be impeccable and that your teeth will be immaculate. 


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Snap-on Dentures vs All-on-4

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