Denture Implants Frisco, TX

Denture implants are the industry leading solution for those looking to replace all of their teeth. They are also a great solution for those who have been dealing with the negative complications of wearing regular dentures. Our denture implant office near Frisco, TX has a team of specialists that are experts at finding the look and feel you are wanting to achieve. Our staff is well experienced and will also know what to look for and recommend to make sure your needs are met.

If you’re considering denture implants, then your first step should be to speak with our staff at an initial consultation. We will come up with a plan that will cater to your individual case. We will also help guide you through the entire process to help make sure the questions you have are answered. Contact us now to begin your initial consultation and find out if denture implants are the right solution for you.


How do Denture Implants Work?

Denture implants are intended to work as our natural teeth do. Our teeth are connected to the jawbone by a root which keeps the tooth anchored. The denture implants use this same method to attach to the jawbone by fusing a titanium rod as root. Afterwards, another procedure is done to attach the denture to the titanium rods through a few different methods. Overdentures can either be fixed or removable depending on how they are attached to the jaw.


Benefits of Having Denture Implants

Getting denture implants will not only help you feel better about yourself, they will also help improve the overall health of your mouth.

Enjoy Foods Again – Having a full set of dentures implanted to your upper and lower bones means they will act as your natural set of teeth would. You are not limited to eating foods that would cause the dentures to slip or become loose.

Better Self-Confidence – When we look better, we feel better about ourselves. Once you have permanent denture implants, you won’t have to hide your mouth when you smile. This is a huge confidence booster as those negative thoughts are no longer there and you can feel good about the way you look again.

Improved Oral Health and Hygiene – When we loose teeth, the bone no longer has a root, which can cause bone and gum loss. Getting a denture implant adds those roots back with the titanium rods which are used to anchor the bone to the dentures. You can also clean your teeth as your regularly would too, so flossing and brushing your teeth won’t be difficult.

No Adhesives Needed – Adhesives do not need to be used since the denture implants are screwed into the upper and lower jaws. This not only saves you from the hassle of having to buy and apply the product, you also no longer have to deal with the awful taste of the adhesive spoiling the flavors of the foods that you enjoy. This will also save you money since you will no longer need to make trips to the store to purchase more adhesives.


Different Types of Overdenture Treatments

Our denture implant office near Frisco, TX offers several styles of denture implants for our patients. Each style may be recommended depending upon the needs of the patient. Each of our dentures are hand-crafted by a dental lab to make sure each the upper and lower dentures are custom-fitted, giving you a complete level of comfort. This is to make it feel as if you have your natural teeth again, which makes for a better smile.

Implant Retained Denture Implants – These dentures rest on top of the gums and are screwed in with the titanium rods that are surgically inserted through the upper and lower jawbones.

Bar Retained Denture Implants – When there is a bar or a rail that is used for the denture to rest on top of, this is commonly referred to as a bar retained denture. This allows for the patient to remove the dentures for cleaning and other maintenance.

Fixed Denture Implants – This treatment is used to give the patient to most natural feel. The denture implant is screwed into the jaw by way of titanium rods. When only 4 titanium screw posts are used, this is commonly referred to as an All-on-4 dental implant. The fixed denture implants cannot be removed without the help of a dentist.

Traditional Dentures – This is the least preferred version of the denture types. When traditional dentures are used, they will cause an unnatural pressing against the gums which will also inevitably cause gum loss. This could lead to infection and other health complications along the way. If anything, rest on top dentures should only be used when they are the only possible option.


Cost of Denture Implants

The average cost for the denture implant operation can vary to get the full implant supported solution. A partial though may cost quite a bit less. The price of denture implants will vary from patient to patient depending upon their needs, and there could be additional procedures which need to be done before the overdentures can be implanted. Additional procedures may include tooth extraction, adjustments to the jawbone or bone grafts, treatment for the soft tissue, or clearing an infection before the operation.


Why You May Want to Reconsider Traditional Dentures

Other dentures which rest on the gum may be considerably lower in cost. However, the price you ultimately will pay for them will be greater. As your bones continue to atrophy, your facial structure may change greatly. You may need to have bone grafts in the future along with other painful and costly treatments.


The Procedure for Getting Denture Implants

To make sure our denture implant specialists can achieve perfect smile results with each patient, we start the process by coming up with a plan that will cater to your needs which begins with our initial consultation.

Consultation Phase – The first thing our staff will look at is your previous dental history. We will check for any complications which may need to be addressed later. Then we will begin to take X-rays of your upper and lower jaws along with any teeth that still remain. If necessary, our staff may need to do a CT scan to determine how much bone is left, and if there is any danger of affecting the sinuses.

At this time, and several visits later, a complete rest on top set of dentures will be made to try out the molding and test out the best positioning for your upper and lower teeth. Once all adjustments are made to the temporary pair, the dentist will then use this as a template. This helps by allowing the oral surgeon to know where to drill the holes into the upper and lower jaws.

First Denture Implant Surgery – The operation to insert the titanium rods begin with the oral surgeon making small incisions into the gums. Afterwards they will screw the titanium rods into the jawbone. This may happen as soon as the first month if there are no complications with the temporary denture implants.

There will be a 3 or more month waiting period to make sure that the screwed in titanium rods fuse in with the bones. Your dentist will perform X-rays to make sure that the healing process is complete, and that the oral surgeon can move onto the next step.

Second Denture Implant Surgery – The next surgery is performed to make small incisions again to expose the screw posts of the titanium rods. The surgeon will place healing caps on top of the titanium rods to make sure the gums will not heal and cover over the rods again. There is a much shorter waiting period after this operation is performed, and as long as there isn’t any complication, they can move into the next step which is insertion of the denture implant.

Attaching the Denture Implants to the Abutments – The oral surgeon will do the final steps at this point to insert your new denture implants. They will also check all of the posts to make sure that the gums have not healed around the titanium rods, and that there is also a space for a collar to fit into which keeps the gums safe.

Next the oral surgeon attaches the final pieces to complete the permanent denture. If the denture implants are bar supported or retained, the surgeon will add the bar to the top of the titanium rods. If it is a fixed denture implant, the surgeon will attach abutments which screw the dentures into the upper and lower jaws. During the next couple of visits to our office, our staff will check to make sure that the bite and fit are completely comfortable. If adjustments need to be made, we will do so at this time.


Overdenture Recovery Period

The first recovery period after the first surgery will take about 3 months. Our staff recommends during this time that you do not put any pressure onto the titanium rods or this could create problems down the road. We will also adjust your temporary pair of dentures so that pressure will not be put on those points and you can be comfortable.

The second recovery period only lasts a few weeks while you’re waiting for the gums to heal from the second surgery.


Will Denture Implants be covered by Insurance?

Most of the time overdentures are not covered by insurance plans. However, if you were involved in some kind of accident which was due to someone else’s negligence, or you have an ongoing health issue, then denture implants may be covered.


Denture Implants Versus Dentures

There are many factors to consider why you should choose denture implants over traditional dentures. Some of the factors include:

Long-Term Durability – Denture implants are meant to be a permanent solution to last a person for the rest of their life. Dentures will need to be replaces frequently because they are not made of the same material.

Better Digestion – Denture implants are fixed into your upper and lower jaws and they are naturally fitted inside your mouth. Dentures often do not have the same design, and may move around inside the mouth or slide out of place which could be embarrassing. If the dentures are not fixed, it could lead to a more difficult time chewing food, which leads to a harder time with digestion.

Better Looking – Some of the designs for regular dentures are bulky and may stick out of your mouth slightly if they slip, or move out of place. Denture implants are fixed in place which do not have the flange or overlap that happens with traditional dentures.

Improved Quality of Life – Having a permanent solution to the loss of your teeth means that you no longer have to worry about having to remove and clean dentures again. The teeth should be maintained as you normally would a natural set of teeth. You can brush and floss just like you would regularly without having an embarrassing jar for dentures to cleanse in while there are no teeth in your mouth.

You will also be able to smile any time you want and not have to think about if you should have to hide your smile or not. This will help especially for those times with family for photos or other events.


Call our Denture Implant Specialists Near Frisco, TX

Begin your first step to improving your smile by calling our denture implant specialists. We can begin by answering any questions that you may have about getting denture implants, and we will help guide you each step of the way during the whole process so there isn’t any confusion, and we can guarantee a high rate of success.

The price of denture implants may cost more than regular dentures, but your quality of life will be greatly increased. The most important part of all of this is that you will finally have taken care of the wonderful smile you’re looking to have.