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Snap In Dentures

Snap in denture before
Snap in denture after

Do you struggle with smiling in public or being able to eat the foods you want? Snap in dentures might be just the option for you! Snap in dentures are the Cadillac to traditional dentures. Snap in dentures give you the freedom to still remove them as you wish but they do not shift when eating or talking. Snap in dentures get their name by the way they snap into place by an abutment that is on top of your implant and a button on your prosthesis or dentures.

Snap on Dentures

The implant will be screwed into your bone and the locator will be screwed into the implant. On your prosthesis or denture, a little button is placed that will allow the locators to snap into it as a normal button would. This gives the snap-in denture more retention or stability than a traditional denture would have.

Advantage of Snap-In Dentures

Snap-in dentures and traditional dentures are similar in regards to the fact you can remove both from your mouth at any time you please. Both dentures also are customizable in shape and color as well. Although they have similarities, these two types of dentures are very different in two major ways. 



 The functionality of traditional dentures and snap-in dentures can be completely opposite. For example, when eating or speaking your traditional denture is held in place by denture paste or the natural suction it makes inside your mouth. This type of denture stability causes it to become very loose when eating or speaking and can become very frustrating. While on the other hand, snap-in dentures are held in place by the snapping button and have no need for denture paste. This type of denture retention allows the denture to hold firmly and have more stability when speaking as well causing a more pleasant outcome. 



The design of the two dentures is very different as well. As previously mentioned, because the traditional denture gets its retention from denture paste and the natural suction our mouth forms with the denture, a palate is necessary on the upper or maxillary denture. This palate region is very uncomfortable for most patients because it inhibits our taste buds as well as causes a gagging effect. Since the snap-in denture gets its stability from the attachments, there is no need for the palate region on the denture, so all these problems are avoided.

Snap-In Denture Steps

At this point you are probably wondering, okay but what are the steps? How much will a snap-in denture cost? We will answer all these questions for you below!


Step 1: The Consultation 

First, you will come to our office to have your consultation completed. At this appointment, we will go over all your questions, concerns, and your medical history. We will also take what is called a 3D CT scan of your mouth, this allows the periodontist to look at your mouth in a 3D format. Now you may be asking, why is this important? This is vital for treatment so the doctor can see your bone levels, the location of your sinus, where your nerves are located, and any artistes as well. Having this information lets our doctor not only determine where to place the implants the safest, but also if the bone is needed or a sinus lift is necessary. After given all your options, you will then have the opportunity to decide what the best treatment option for you is. For example, most patients choose to have IV sedation during their surgery. IV sedation allows you the comfort to sleep while treatment is being completed.  Once a decision has been made, you will meet our Prosthodontist, and models of your mouth will be taken as well as pictures. You will then decide the color and shape that you want your teeth to be.

Step 2: The Surgery 

Next, you will come in for your surgery. If you decide on IV sedation, you will fall asleep before the treatment even begins. Once the treatment begins you will first be numbed with local anesthetic and the extractions will be made if necessary. Once all your teeth are removed, the doctor will level out your bone performing a procedure called alveoplasty. Alveoplasty allows the doctor to have a smooth surface to make sure your denture fits perfectly. Next, your implants will be screwed into your jaw bone and you will be sutured up to leave. If bone grafting or a sinus lift is needed, you will have this performed during your treatment. You will leave this day with a traditional denture. The reason you will need a traditional denture instead of your snap-in denture is that your implants must heal for about 3-4 months before you receive your final denture. 


Step 3: Follow Up Appointments 

Follow up appointments will happen periodically and are very important during this healing period to ensure your implants are recovering without any complications. During these appointments, any questions or concerns you have can be answered. As well as, during these appointments, any concerns you have with your traditional denture can be fixed as well. 


Step 4: Final Denture Delivery 

At this appointment, you will come in to have your final denture delivery performed. At this time your bone or gums have healed properly and your final denture will fit ideally. After this appointment annual check-ups are necessary to ensure your implants are healing properly as well as your denture is fitting correctly. 

Implant Dentures Dallas
Implant Dentures Dallas

The Cost of Snap-In Dentures

This is the biggest question we receive and can be affected by many factors. For example, do you have dental insurance? Dental insurance may cover some of your treatments such as extractions or your implants. Majority of the time because insurance maximums cap out at around $1500-2000, a limited amount of treatment is covered. As mentioned about many factors contribute to the cost of your snap-in denture treatment such as:  

  • How many extractions are needed? The more extractions needed the more expensive. 
  • Do you need bone grafting or a sinus lift? Do you have a little bone or a low sinus, this would make these applicable to you. 
  • How many implants are needed? A majority of the time patients will receive 4 up top and 2 down bottom. More implants may be necessary if you have instability in an implant. 
  • Do you want IV sedation? Sleeping during treatment makes the procedure a lot more comfortable but is optional. 
  • How do you want your denture? The more lifelike you want your denture, the more costly it can become.