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Do you have crooked teeth? Are you embarrassed by your smile? Let Invisalign clear aligners transform your smile today. Our certified specialist has helped thousands of people regain their confidence through cosmetic corrective treatment. What are you waiting for?

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Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign has no hard brackets or wires, ensuring your mouth is kept at a comfortable condition at all times. Clear aligners have the added benefit of being completely see through, this means no embarrassing photos. Additionally, invisalign is removable so eating whatever foods you want is a breeze with this treatment option. Although Invisalign is intended to be worn 19 to 22 hours a day or as much as possible, your oral hygiene routine will be easier and more effective with this removable aligner. Visit one of our many locations today!

Invisalign Grapevine

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign clear aligners are an alternative to traditional metal braces to adjust your teeth. Made of smart track technology, invisalign is customized to your teeth to ensure the best fit and the best results. This material not only guarantees a more comfortable fit than braces but a majority of the time has quicker results.  A majority of the time the biggest question we get is, how do i know if i qualify for clear aligners? If you have any of the following Invisalign might be the option for you!

Crooked Teeth

Crowded Teeth

Gapped Teeth




Invisalign Specialists 

Finding the proper dental professional can be tricking. Here at North Texas Dental Surgery we only offer the highest quality of dental care. Our specialists ensure they have the most effective tools to help their patients, they took an extra 3 years of school. This means they are now prosthodontists and have mastered the art of cosmetic dentistry.  Helping patients and ensuring every patient that leaves has a renewed confident smile is our main goal. Call our office in Grapevine now for your complimentary consultation and 3D scan. Journey with us to a perfect smile today!