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Have you been diagnosed with periodontal gum disease?  The Lanap uses a gentle and safe laser energy to treat moderate to severe gum disease. The diseased tissue and bacteria are effectively and gently removed from the pockets that surround the teeth. This form of gum disease treatment is faster, less invasive and less expensive than other techniques, such as flap surgery. You will be able to return to your normal routine almost immediately since there are no incisions made or stitches used. In addition, your body heals naturally, stabilizing teeth and reducing the gum pockets, while the recession is minimal compared to traditional surgery.

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Gum Disease Treatment

Everyone harbors bacteria in their mouth that leads to the buildup of plaque. Good oral hygiene, such as brushing and flossing, helps to diminish plaque when done routinely. However, if the plaque solidifies and forms tartar, it cannot be removed by brushing and flossing alone. A regular cleaning is needed by a dentist or hygienist to remove the tartar buildup. Lasers can also be used to help remove tartar, safely and easily. Periodontal disease can be treated using the help of lasers. Research studies have shown that when compared to alternative treatment options, the results of laser therapy can show similar results. 

Lasers used for gum disease treatment use a focused light energy that is delivered gently in the area between the teeth and gum tissue. The laser removes some of the diseased gum tissue and reduces the harmful bacteria. Once the affected area has been thoroughly cleaned, the bone can begin to heal. After that has been done, the tartar is removed from the surface of the root with an ultrasonic scaler. Tartar is responsible for swollen, red and bleeding gums.

Gum Disease

Lanap Gum Surgery

Laser gum surgery singles out bacteria for elimination without damaging healthy gum tissue. Because the healthy gum tissue remains unharmed, it naturally begins to reattach itself to the root surface of the tooth. Lanap also stimulates a process of cell regeneration similar to the body’s natural response to bones that are fractured or broken.

Because Lanap laser gum surgery is so precise, it’s more tolerable and less painful. Furthermore, the long-term results are much more predictable and better than traditional surgical methods.The popularity of the Lanap procedure is proof of its remarkable success rates. More and more patients are selecting this treatment option to improve their oral health which helps to increase its popularity. Laser gum surgery achieves results that were once thought to be impossible.

Factors that contribute to the success rate of laser gum surgery

It’s minimally invasive, it promotes fast healing

Many patients don't need any pain medication

Short recovery time

It does not require any cutting or suturing

Patients experience little to no bleeding

Patients maintain their natural teeth

The lasers used seal nerve endings, lymphatics and blood vessels, making the sense of recovery immediate. However, your tissue and bone will still need time to heal, recover and regenerate. It’s normal to have some soreness, throbbing or achiness. You may be prescribed an antibiotic to fend off any potential infections that may develop.


For patients worried about traditional scalpel surgery to treat their gum disease, Lanap can be a life-changing experience. Patients are often able to keep their natural teeth, improve their smile and bypass potentially dangerous systemic effects of untreated gum disease. Visit North Texas Dental Surgery near Dallas Texas today for your complimentary consultation and 3D scan. 

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