Teeth Whitening McKinney Tx

Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

Do you want to improve the appearance of your teeth? Do you have yellow or stained teeth? Here at North Texas Dental Surgery we offer dental whitening treatment options, including in office and take home kits. These treatment options are both safe and highly effective in improving the shade of your teeth. Why not take the first step to your new smile, by contacting our office today? 


The Teeth Whitening Kit

Our office offers the best in teeth whitening service kits. Our first option is the take home kit whitening trays. These trays are custom and made specifically for your mouth. We will first take impressions of your mouth then our lab will make the whitening trays. Once the whitening trays are made we will send you home with all the instructions and supplies you need to improve your smile from the comfort of your home. 

Family Dentistry

Our second option to whiten your teeth is Zoom by Philips. This treatment option is the safest and most successful way to whiten your teeth 8 shades in just one treatment. The innovative technology uses LED blue lights to enhance the appearance of your teeth instantly. Your treatment can be completed in as little as 45 minutes. After your desired shade is reached, a special gel will be applied to your teeth to help reduce any sensitivity or discomfort you may experience. You will now be able to go home with a transformed beautiful smile. 


Teeth Whitening Specialist

After either treatment make sure you avoid colored substances for 48 hours such as blueberries, soda, wine or tobacco. Additionally,slight sensitivity is completely normal and usually goes away within the first 48 hours. Our office has helped numerous people achieve their most ideal smile. Travel with us to the best and simplistic way to whiten your teeth. Visit our McKinney office today and receive a complimentary consultation. Why not call us now?