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Teeth Whitening

Looking to upgrade your smile? Want a brighter and whiter smile? Here at North Texas Dental Surgery we specialize in all cosmetic services. We offer two options in whitening treatment, both options being safe and effective. Look no further than a dental office full of specialists waiting to help you achieve your smile goals. Come see us in Grapevine today for a complimentary consultation and 3D scan included. Why not call us now? 


Best Way to Whiten Teeth

Finding the right teeth whitening system by yourself can be hard, looking for what is safe and has proven results can be confusing. We try to eliminate this perplexing process for you by providing two whitening options. The first treatment option we supply for our patient is an at home whitening kit. This kit will give you the freedom to whiten your teeth at a convenient time for you. To begin the process you will come in for a consultation, at this consultation is when we will make you your custom whitening trays. When the whitening trays are completed you will come back in to pick them up and all your whitening tools. Now you have the capability to whiten your teeth as you please!

Family Dentistry

Our second option is an in office whitening system that has the capability of whitening your teeth up to 8 shades whiter in one session. This treatment option is called Zoom by Phillips. The consultation process will be the same except we will schedule your whitening treatment for another date. The day of your treatment we will first appy what is called the whitening gel. This gel is actually what makes your teeth whiter by going into the vesicles in the tooth to whiten them. Next a LED blue light will be positioned over your teeth. This light has the advanced technology of speeding up the whitening process. After just 45 short minutes or until your desired shade is reached you will relax while the magic happens. After your treatment is completed you will leave with a rejuvenated smile!


The Whitening Dentist 

At North Texas Dental Surgery in Grapevine, Texas we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of care at the most affordable prices. To aid in this promise we offer the best cash prices, third party financing and we are in network with a majority of dental PPO plans. Additionally, we offer the most advanced technology in a clean dental facility. Let our family help your family today! Give us a call now and take your first steps to a renewed dental journey.