Patient Story Snap On Denture Complications

A patient had a failed attempt at getting denture implants in 2015. The implants have caused her nothing but problems ever since, with the dentures not staying engaged, coming out when she chews, and causing her difficulty with eating. The patient has had multiple appointments for realignment and refitting, but the alignment has never been right, and the teeth wouldn’t come together properly. The original mold wasn’t correct, and despite remaking the dentures and refitting, the patient still faced the same issues. The dentist has said that they have done everything within their contract and can’t do anything else to help. The patient’s mouth was deemed too small for the mold, and the failure of the grafts was blamed on her. The patient also suffers from dementia, making it difficult for her caregiver to explain the situation.


Without the dentures, the patient’s food intake has been drastically reduced and limited to only soft foods like yogurt, pudding, and soup. If she tries to eat solid food, it gets caught in the lower esophagus and she becomes violently ill, throwing up undigested food. The lack of fiber intake has also led to bowel issues, affecting her overall health. The inability to eat and chew has had a significant impact on the woman’s mental health as well. She feels self-conscious and won’t go out in public or engage with seniors in the area. The whole experience has been difficult for the patient physically and mentally.

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